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Guest Service Upselling for Mobile

Guest Service Upselling allows properties to take advantage of increased revenue opportunities by offering Guest Services during the Mobile Check-In process that will enhance the guests stay.  For more information on configuring Guest Service Upselling for Mobile please refer to our Training Documentation: How to Customize Upselling Guest Services for Mobile Check-In

Paperless Check-In

Reduce costs and increase efficiency with the new Paperless Check-In Module.  This module allows you to offer guests a Mobile Reg Card experience, saving you both money & time.  For more information on Paperless Check-In, please refer to the following Training Documentation -> Paperless Check-In

Other Enhancements/Updates:

Attempting to void/settle an already voided/settled authorization => if a user attempts to void/settle and already voided/settled authorization via Transactions -> Authorized Transactions, the "Closed" box will now automatically close to indicate that the authorization is no longer available.  Previously, it would remain unchecked.

ETA not clearing with New Res Add-On => when creating a New Res Add-On for a reservation that had completed Mobile Check-In, the ETA for the original reservation was being copied onto the New Reservation.  This will no longer occur.

Rates Module Adjustment History "Date To" => an issue was reported that the "Date To" found under System Configuration -> Rates -> Adjustment History Tab would only go back as far as 1 month from today.  Adjustment History in the Rate Wizard was not affected.  This issue has been fixed in this release.

Transaction Register Summary Page Number => it was reported that when the Transaction Register Summary Report was more then 1 page, the Page Number at the bottom was overlapping the data on the report.  This issue has been fixed.

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