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RoomKeyPMS - - August 2017

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RoomKeyPMS Enhancements

Credit Card Storage

Currently Credit Cards are associated directly to the Guest Profile. In this release, Credit Cards will associate to Reservations so that multiple Credit Cards can be stored and managed on the Guest Profile (and therefore retained when a profile is merged).  Three areas with further information and specifics of the results of these changes:

House Accounts

In situations where a guest needs to be checked out but method of payment has not been secured, the new "Checkout to House Account" feature, will allow the user to leave an open folio on A House Account for the guest, while still physically checking out the guest room. More about "Check out to House Account"

Guest Merge Enhancements

Previously, when guest records were merged, only the profiling information from the master profile was retained. With this release, information from multiple profiles will be combined into the merged guest profile, including the following:

  1. Extra Info
  2. VIP
  3. Do Not Rent
  4. Email Opt in/out

More about Guest Merge enhancements in this release

RELEASED IN (June 21, 2017) - There have been two improvements made to the Guest Merge functionality in regards to Guest Notes and Custom Fields.  Prior to this update, when Profiles were merged, only the Guest Notes and Custom Field values were kept on the "Master Guest".  In this update:

  1. Guest Notes from each profile will be saved to the new merged profile
  2. For the Custom Fields, any "blank" values would be ignored and the most recent entry from the Guest Profiles would be saved

More about Guest Merge enhancements in Build Update

Guest Profile Sharing Across Chained Properties

As part of guest merge enhancements, we’ve improved guest data handling for chained properties that share guest data

Custom Fields

Custom fields are currently configured per property and are not shared across the chain. When guest records are merged, the system will respect the custom fields for each property.

Credit Cards

Credit cards will not be shared across the chain. This ensures that the actions of managing credit cards in one property will not affect reservations in other properties.  

Tweaks and Defects

  1. In Version, for properties that use the Deposit Feature, the Deposits were calculating to $0.00, instead of the configured deposit amount
  2. In Guest Profile, the default view was Second Address, switched this back to main address as the default

Update - August 30, 2017

  1. For properties with Credit Card integrations, an issue with Editing Reservations occurred because of the "tokenized" Credit Card number

Update - August 30, 2017

  1. We are currently in BETA Test for our Heartland EMV Integration; this update addresses an issue found on the BETA, that would not effect other clients

Update - October 3, 2017

  1. For users on Version and below, if modifications are made to clerk info (Telephone, Mobile, Title, First Name, Last Name, Initials, Default Screen), on the Clerk that is currently logged in => upon clicking "OK" to commit the changes => the user will receive an "Invalid Username or Password" error => once the user logs out and logs back in, the error message will no longer occur until the next modification => BEST PRACTICE: by downloading this Update, the users will not receive any error message
  2. Clerk Permission "1535, Set Custom Guest Fields" was designed to give access to System Configuration => Setup Custom Fields; there was a bug where this permission was also effecting the display of the "Custom Data" tab when making a reservation but this tab should be seen by everyone, regardless of the permission
  3. Some users experienced an issue with not being able to see the "Post" or "Cancel" buttons in Corporate Module due to Windows settings; modifications have been made to how those buttons should be treated by Windows Operating System
  4. For properties using "Snapshell" Integration, there was an issue where the city and state field were mixed up
  5. For properties that have Packages, when apply a "Close to Arrival" to the base rate that is attached to the Package, the Package should not be available; a bug existed where the Package was "ignoring" the Close to Arrival restriction
  6. Issue on our API Endpoints that include "GuestProfile", Travel Agent information was either not displaying or pulling in the Corporate Account instead
  7. For properties using Heartland Credit Card interface, there was an issue of the Credit Card "Disappearing" from the Guest Folio screen when the Guest Folio Credit Limit was increased; the card was still attached to the reservation but was "hidden" from the Guest Info Tab
  8. For properties that use Mandatory Guest Services on Eres Booking engine, there was an issue with compounding taxes not calculating properly, however, the before tax charges were correct

Update - November 8, 2017

Tweaks and Defects:

  1. Speed improvements have been made for Reports => Forecasts => Occupancy and Revenue Forecast; some properties were experiencing timeouts

Update - December 20, 2017

RoomKeyPMS Metrics

In this release, we have added tools for improved tracking and metrics on RoomKeyPMS.  From the information we recieve, we will be better able to address the following issues:

  • Timeouts in RoomKeyPMS
  • Error Message pop ups while using RoomKeyPMS
  • Connection Issues to RoomKeyPMS Server
  • Client Login Issues

Tweaks and Defects:

  1. Issue where Maintenance Report was showing work items but not assigned to a room number
  2. For properties using Profile Match & Merge, when refreshing the browser, user would be brought to the Web Version of Housekeeping
  3. In the Taxes display on the New Reservations screen, if a property had Compounded Taxes on any Guest Services that were added, the display was calculating tax but not Compounding the tax.  This bug was only affecting the display when making the reservation, on the Confirmation, Reg Card, and the actual posting, the taxes were compounding properly
  4. Issue in the activity log where postings made through RSI Interfaces was showing the user as blank; issue resolved so that the user is now showing RSI Interfaces
  5. In Operations => Guest Profile, there was an issue where the Save button was disabled when trying to edit a Guest Profile
  6. For Heartland Integration - upon checkout, if new Credit Card was entered on the checkout screen, an exception error would cause RoomKeyPMS to close un-expectantly; this issue occurred because the system was expecting to settle the original authorized credit card on file.  On the new release, the user will be able to switch and process the new card with no issues
  7. For Heartland EMV Integration - there was an issue where Discover cards were coming up with a Unknown Credit Card" error message
  8. For properties that use the Do Not Rent feature, the Guest Profile was displaying in red to indicate to the agent that they should not rent to this guest; however, if the agent continued, they would be able to make a reservation, with this guest.  In the new release, should the agent continue, they will receive the message "Unable to rent to this guest"
  9. When adding a Reservation Note to a Group Rooming List, upon exiting the group, the note appears to be attached to the reservation that is on the main screen; this note is temporarily displaying and will dissappear with a page refresh.  In this release, the note will not temporarily display
  10. Operations => City Ledger => View Account Link Status - there was an issue where the report would not display
  11. Inventory Calendar - significant improvment has been made to the speed in which the calendar loads; for properties that have a large number of Rate Plans, the Inventory Calendar would sometimes cause red-lining or a time out
  12. Inventory Calendar Avg Rate - previously if there was no Default Rate set, the system would choose a random rate, which could lead to inconsistencies in display of Avg Rate; in this release, if a Default Rate is not set, the Avg Rate will display as $0.00:
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