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Guest Service Totals => it was reported in Version that when a Guest Service was being added to a Reservation, they would appear correctly on the Reservation Confirmation, however, the totals would not appear on the main Reservation screen until after the Reservation was created.  This issue has been resolved and the Guest Services are now adding to the totals immediately after being added.

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Exporting RoomKeyPMS Payments Funding by Transaction Report => it was reported that when attempting to export a download created in MerchantTrack for the Funding by Transaction Report, the download would not open.  This issue was due to MerchantTrack opening in the RoomKeyPMS embedded browser.  To resolve this issue, MerchantTrack will now open in the computer's default browser.

Tax not compounding on Guest Services => it was reported that if a Guest Service had compounding taxes setup, that the taxes were not compounding correctly on the Reservation screen while creating the Guest Reservation.  This was causing a discrepancy with the Reservation Confirmation as it was compounding the taxes correctly.  The Reservation screen has now been updated to compound taxes correctly for Guest Services.

Room Maintenance Module Start/End Time => when placing a room on Maintenance in the Room Maintenance Module, it was noted that the Start Time & End Time did not appear to be working.  The Maintenance Module was designed to release all rooms placed on Maintenance at 11:59pm local time on the End Date.  To avoid confusion, the Start Time & End Time option has been removed from the module.

Group Rooms Control Report Discrepancy => it was reported that if a Group had Room Charges transferred to a House Account, that after Check-Out, the ADR and Room Revenue on the Group Rooms Control Report would change to $0.00.  An update has been made to continue to account for the ADR and Room Revenue even after the House Account transfer has occurred.

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