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Room Type Upselling for Mobile

Mobile Upselling allows properties to take advantage of increased revenue opportunities by Upselling guests to higher room categories. For more information on Mobile Upselling:

Google Analytics 4

On July 1, 2023, Google will no longer be supporting Universal Analytics and data will no longer process, as of this date. Properties will be able to see their Universal Analytics reports for a period of time after July 1, 2023.

Google is offering a new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) product and more information can be found on Google Support for GA4  

Once your property has setup a GA4 account, the code can be added into RoomKeyPMS. Refer to the following document: Google Analytics 4

PrePaid Credit Cards Now Accepted

Prepaid Card Payments can now be processed via RoomKeyPMS Payments 2.0 powered by Fullsteam. Clients will not be able to authorize Prepaid Cards but will be able to Post Payments.  Please review the following documentation: PrePaid Credit Card Payments

WCAG and ADA Compliance

The RoomKeyPMS Mobile Platform has undergone an extensive audit for WCAG and ADA compliance.  Included in these enhancements is the ability to upload Signature files for Mobile Check-in and Check-out. For more information on these features: WCAG and ADA Compliance

Other Enhancements/Updates

Refund of Auth failing on No Show => When a No Show reservation is checked in the Credit Card on file is authorized.  If Rollover Time has passed, the check-in fails and the authorization is voided.  This process was failing with Fullsteam transactions.  To fix this issue, the authorization will now remain on the reservation and a notification will appear advising the Clerk that the card was authorized.  The Clerk can then proceed to change the Arrival Date on the reservation and check-in the guest or to go into Transactions -> Authorized Transactions and void the authorization.

dbt Code appearing on Force Search => It was reported that, when Force Search was activated, when a property first logged into RoomKey, the Force Search area was displaying "dbt" in the Guest Statistics area.  This issue has been resolved.

Smart Support Page visibility - It was reported that the colors of the Smart Support Page were very faint and hard to view.  An update has been made to the browser displaying the Smart Support Page within RoomKey to make the text more visible.

Increased Window Size => In additional to the Smart Support Page visibility now being addressed, the Smart Support & What's New windows located under the Help Menu will now open in a larger window.  

Confirmations & Guest Folios now attach as PDF files when emailed  => It was reported that some email service providers were not displaying the HTML attachments for Confirmations & Guest Folios.  To resolve this issue, attachments will now be sent in a PDF format.

Sundry Sales allows offline Credit Card Payments with no Credit Card Number => It was discovered that you could post an offline Credit Card Payment in Sundry Sales without entering a Card Number.  This issues has now been resolved and a Credit Card Number is required before completing the transaction.

Group Code Overlapping => The Group Block Code located on the Primary Tab of the Group Wizard was overlapping itself in Version  This issue has now been resolved.

Deposit Policy Defaulting to Number of Nights => It was reported that the Deposit Policy in RoomKey was defaulting to "Number of Nights" when a different option was selected.  This was purely visual but misleading.  This issue has now been corrected and the selected Deposit Policy will now be the one that displays.

Spelling Error on Rate Override Reasons Report => There was a spelling error located on this report, the column "Overriden Rate" has now been corrected to be "Overridden Rate"

Advance Search not displaying Share Guest Name =>  If a Guest Share had the same Last Name as the Main Guest on a reservation, when doing an Advance Search, only the guest whose First Name was first alphabetically would appear.  This issue has been corrected and both the Main Guest & Guest Share names will appear during an Advance Search 

Mismatch in datapacket error => An International property reported a "Invalid Data Package:  Mismatch in datapacket" error message when logging into RoomKey.  The issue appeared to be related to Smart Files Backup and how it was running at the properties location.  An update has been made to resolve this issue.

Zero Night Stay => It was reported that 0 night stays were being created in RoomKey which was causing issues with some of our Advanced GDS & RMS Interfaces.  These stays were created by doing a Walk-In to the previous day and then manually changing the nights to 0.  A warning would appear regarding the Minimum Date but if ignored, a 0 night stay could be booked.  An update has been made to prevent this from happening.  When 0 is now manually entered into nights, RoomKey will automatically default this back to 1.

Res ID Mismatch on Fullsteam Transaction Reconciliation Report =>  instances of Res ID mismatching were occuring on the Fullsteam Transaction Reconcilation Report.  It was discovered this was due to RoomKey re-assigning a Res ID on an expired reservation.  Clients were creating New Reservations and Posting Deposits but were not completing the Reservation itself immediately and after 5mins, the Res ID expired.  At this point the reservation needed to be refreshed and if another reservation was created in the meantime, a new Res ID was assigned to the reservation (the next number sequentially) therefore causing a mismatch with the Res ID that was already sent to Fullsteam.  To prevent this issue from re-occurring, these reservations will now auto refresh before the 5min expiry to ensure the Res ID is not released from the reservation.

Letters with accents displaying as "?" => it was reported that any letters with accents (ie: é, ë, etc...) were appearing as "?" in V11.0.0.14.  This issue has now been resolved and the letters are displaying properly once again in V11.0.0.15. 

Unable to authorize Credit Card using Guest Folio Credit Limit => it was reported that if a Folio had no charges or all charges to Folio 8, that a clerk was unable to authorization a Credit Card by going to Transactions -> Guest Folio Credit Limit.  This issue has been fixed and authorizations can be taken via this method once again.

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