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RoomKeyPMS – – April 2015

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April 2015 - Release Notes

For Version 8.14 Build 0.1 (

We have had another great round of development and we are ready to share what we have been up to the past few weeks.

New Features and Improvements:

eRes Booking Engine Enhancements

Room Description Layout

Currently on eRes, the navigation to room description for guests booking online requires a few clicks; we have changed the eRes view, to make this information readily available on the main search screen, reducing the number of clicks required by the guest to book:

RoomKeyPMS Enhancements

Housekeeping Module

More information has been added within the Housekeeping area to help improve operational planning based on business levels. To learn more about the changes made to the Housekeeping Module - CLICK HERE

New Report - Occupancy and Revenue Forecast - Transient vs Group

In the last release, we included a number of group reports; in this release we add to the mix with the new forecast report: Occupancy and Revenue Forecast - Group vs Transient.  This report gives a clear distinction between Transient and Group/Wholesale business on the books.  To learn more about the Occupancy and Revenue Forecast - Group vs Transient - CLICK HERE

New Report Filter - Corporate Statistics by Sales Manager

The Corporate Statistics Report is a valuable report that shows the property’s top producing companies; RoomKey now gives the option to add Sales Managers to Corporate Profiles and run  reports based on the Sales Managers Corporate production.  For more information on the Corporate Statistics by Sales Manager - CLICK HERE

Interfaces & Integrations


RoomKey will now process Multi-room bookings interfacing through Siteminder.

Sage Payments

An updated error message has been added for when there are network/internet issues during the processing of a credit card through Sage.  The message will guide the clerks to double check postings that may have gone through to Sage but not to RoomKey.

Business Insights Reports

Update to PACE

The PACE report has been changed so that if the Pickup this year is zero on a particular day, it will still show last years pickup for comparison.

City Ledger Report

The Balances column for the report has been made wider as it was cutting off data for some properties.

Tweaks and Defects Fixes:

We have also fixed a number of defects in RoomKey including:

  1. Now able to take Room Out of Order on day of departure
  2. The messaging for updating a Guest Profile when changing guest information on a reservations has been made clearer:
  3. Reports => Financial => Transaction Register Balance => Detail => with Guest Name: this was report was previously showing City Ledger Transfers (Direct Bill) inder the clerk name “RoomKey”; the report will now show the actual clerk name that performed the transfer
  4. Through the Expedia Interface, customer email addresses are now flowing through the interface
  5. In Rate Wizard, the Days of the Week check boxes were unavailable when Permission 2012, Disallow Update Rate Amounts was assigned to an Clerk. Because these check boxes are needed for changing restrictions such as Close and LOS, the boxes are now made available even when the permission is assigned
  6. The feature in Transaction Codes that auto switches to a Tax Exempt code after a pre-determined period (i.e. guest is tax exempt after 30 days) will now function without requiring a reservation refresh
  7. System Configuration => Transaction Codes => Print - the report headers were showing as “City Ledger Debit” and City Ledger Debit”, this has now been fixed to say “City Ledger Debit” and “City Ledger Credit”
  8. When creating a Package or Inclusion, it will now be Mandatory to select a Rate Category.  If a Rate Category is not selected, it can affect rates not displaying on eRes.
  9. When doing a room move, it was causing the room the become “discrepant” on the Housekeeping report; issue has been addressed so that room moves will no longer cause status discrepancies.
  10. Operations => Groups => Reports => GRC - an issue with overriden rates in the group area was causing a  calculation error on the report’s revenue  


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