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RoomKeyPMS - - Dec 2, 2020

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In this release, we are including the option for "Manual Send Only" for the "You can now Check-In" Email that will be sent to the guest.  When this is configured, the guest will only get this email if the property manually sends; there will be no scheduled delivery (for more information on how to manually send Check-In Emails to a guest, refer to the Check-In Email Notification document):

As we are adding more features to the guest mobile experience, we have now re-named the Mobile Check-In tab, simply "Mobile> You will also notice a new shortcut menu option under System Configuration, the will go directly to the Mobile Tab:

We also made a change to move logo, border color, and the optional Property Name field to it's own tab called "Theme"; these elements are shared across the different features under mobile:

Other Enhancements/Updates

  1. Under Operations => Guest Profile => Do Not Rent => the pop-up window to enter in reason for do not rent (Why? button) was not working.  No previously entered reasons were lost, it was simply the pop-up not working
  2. On the Registration Card => if the guest is set to have billing to folio 8 and the clerk posts a deposit on Folio 8 (typically done with 3rd Party OTA Credit Cards) => the Deposit amount would not be reflected on the Registration Card => this rule has now been applied to the Confirmation Letter
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