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Replacing Expired Credit Cards on File

When updating an Expired Credit Card for a guest that has a tokenized card stored from their last stay, RoomKeyPMS will delete the expired Credit Card token and save a new Credit Card token, with the new expiry date.  This updated token is created when the clerk manually enters the new card or when the guest inserts the card into the EMV device.

RoomKeyPMS Payments - Other Card

A new Payment Card Type "OC" has been added to the RoomKey Transaction Code area.  It is highly recommended that Properties create a new "OtherCard" Payment Transaction Code in RoomKey using this new Card Type.  Creating this new Payment Transaction Code will ensure that if a payment is processed for an International Card (ie:  Mastero / China Union Pay), that it can then post properly in RoomKey.  If you are unsure how to create a Transaction Code in RoomKey please refer to the following document => How to Add a Transaction Code

NOTE:  Failure to create this new Transaction Code could result in Non-Matching RoomKeyPMS Payments transactions.  In order to resolve these Non-Matching transactions, an "OtherCard" Payment Transaction Code must be created in RoomKey.  Once created, refresh RoomKey by exiting & logging back in, and then use the Payment Reconciliation Report to post the payment to the proper folio in RoomKey.

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Below is the warning that will appear should a payment be made for a Card Type that has not been setup in RoomKey:

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Other Enhancements/Updates

Confirmation Reminders => a bug was reported that, after sending Confirmation Reminders, if an individual Confirmation was sent, the "Email was successfully sent" message was not displaying, even though an email was indeed sent.  This issue has now been resolved.

RoomKeyPMS Payments authorization not appearing in RoomKey => when posting a payment using RoomKeyPMS Payments, if an error occurred, it was possible that the Credit Card could have been authorized before it had an opportunity to be captured.  This resulted in no payments appearing in RoomKey and an open Authorization in MechantTrack.  Improvements have been made to the interface to ensure that should this scenario occur, the authorization would then be Voided.

Daily Operation Report not accounting for Comp Room  => a property reported a Complimentary Room was not being accounted for on the Daily Operating Report.  It was determined that the room was not appearing as Complimentary because a Room Charge had been posted to the reservation, however, the Room Charge was then reversed.  This report has been updated to now check for these reversals and should a reversal occur, the room will continue to be counted as Complimentary.

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