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Activity Log Enhancements

The Activity Log in RoomKey has been updated to track Guest Services that are Added, Modified and/or Removed from Reservations.  

Adding a Guest Service - When a Guest Service is added to a reservation the Action in the Activity Log will display "Add Service".  The Amount is the total cost associated with the Guest Service and the Service is the Guest Service Name.  

If the attached Guest Service does NOT have a cost associated with it (ie:  High Floor Request), the Amount will display as $0.00

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Modifying a Guest Service - When a Guest Service is modified on a reservation, the Action in the Activity Log will display as "Modify Service".  In the example below we can see that our "Golfing" Guest Service is now $100 and previously it was $200, therefore we know the modify was a change in price.

NOTE:  For Guest Service with no Amount associated with them, modifications will still be tracked even though the "Amount" will remain as "0.00".  This will at least notify the Clerk that a change was made.

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Removing a Guest Service - When a Guest Service is removed from a reservation, the Action in the Activity Log will display "Remove Service" as we see in the example below.

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Depending on the amount of Guest Services that have been added, modified or removed, it may be necessary to Print the Activity Log in order to track all the changes that have occurred to a Guest Service.

Force Password Reset

To increase Password Security within RoomKey, an update has been made that will force a Clerk to update their password if it was reset by another user.  For example, Clerk A forgot their password so their manager goes to System Configuration -> Clerks and resets their password to "ABC123!!!".  When the Clerk logs in using password "ABC123!!!", RoomKey will now prompt them to update their password immediately.  This ensures that only the Clerk knows their RoomKey Login Password.

Credit Card Interface Payment Approval Screen

When processing a Payment using a RoomKey Credit Card Interface, you will now notice that the Credit Card Interface screen will automatically close when a payment has successfully processed.  Once it closes, a separate "Approved" window will now appear to show a payment has been successfully processed.  There will be no change to the interface if a transaction fails, it will remain on the same Interface screen with the reason for the failure appearing in the lower window.

RoomKeyPMS   RK2 -- CI Katie QA4 (Fullsteam M4) (Ver.

Other Enhancements/Updates

Advance Search Date Format  => it was reported that after completing a search in the Advance Search area, the Date Format in RoomKey would automatically change to YYY/MM/DD.  An update has been made so this will no longer occur.

Negative Authorization Amount => when attempting to Authorize a Guest Credit Card, if a negative amount was entered, RoomKey was authorizing for a positive amount (as negative authorizations are not allowed) but was displaying the authorization in RoomKey as a negative.  To fix this bug, negative authorization attempts will no longer be permitted.

Housekeeping Scheduler Loading Time  => some properties have been experiencing issues with the speed in which Housekeeping Scheduler has been loading.  Updates have been completed so this module will now, once again, load shortly after being selected.

Sundry Sale Reference Information => a property reported that the Payment Reference Information they were entering into Sundry Sales when selecting "Paid by Room" was not appearing on the Guest Folio.  This issue has been fixed and both the Charges Reference Information and the Payment Reference Information will now appear under "Description" on the Guest Folio when "Paid by Room" is selected.

ADR calculating differently on BI Insight Reports => it was discovered that the MTD & YTD Average Daily Rate on the BI Insights Dashboard Report was being calculated by adding up all the ADR amounts for month/year and then dividing that number by the number of days in the month/year.  An update has been made so that these amounts now calculate the same as RoomKey.  It will now take the total MTD/YTD Room Revenue and divide it by the total MTD/YTD Occupied Rooms.

Group Guest Services => it was reported that if a Guest Service was attached to a Group, the Guest Service was not attaching to the Group Reservation if it was created using "New Res".  This issue has now been fixed and the Guest Service will attach to the Reservation, if the Group selected has a Guest Service attached.  NOTE:  Group Guest Services will NOT automatically remove from a Reservation if it is later modified a different Group or to a Transient reservation.  It will be the responsibility of the Clerk to remove the Guest Services that does not belong on the reservation.

Tape Chart Buttons => it was reported that, while working in the Tape Chart, the buttons that appear at the top, did not always update correctly based on the type of reservation that had been selected (ie:  Post Payment was not always displaying for an In House Reservation).  An update has been made and the buttons will now display properly based on the type of reservation selected.

Cursor moves when trying to adjust Credit Card Number => it was reported that if you attempt to click in the middle of a Credit Card number to fix a mistake (ie:  Card Number 1234 and you are attempting to insert a number between 2 and 3 to make it 12934), even though you put the cursor between correct digits, it would jump to the end when you started to type, therefore adding the extra digit to the end (ie: making the number 12349).  This issue has been resolved and the cursor will now stay where it is placed while adjusting the Credit Card Number.

Mobile Emails stuck as "Processing" => it was recently discovered that when an email address contained a capital letter at the beginning of the email (ie:  [email protected]), Mobile emails were not sending to guests and would appear with the status "Processing" in the Messaging Logs.  An update has been made that resolves this issue.

RoomKeyPMS Powered by Fullsteam Merchant ID => an update has been made to now show a properties RoomKeyPMS Powered by Fullsteam Merchant ID under System Configuration -> OLP Tab in RoomKey.

Property Master - RK2 -- CI Katie QA4 (Fullsteam M4)
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