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RoomKeyPMS - - September 2016


Rate Wizard - Rate Tier Modification

Currently in RoomKeyPMS, when updating a Master Rate Plan, all dependent rates will get updated as well.  In this release, the user will now have the option to update the Master Rate Plan and choose which dependent Rate Plans they would like to update. For more information on the modification to Rate Wizard - CLICK HERE

Transferred Transactions Modification

One of the top voted ideas on the RoomKeyPMS ideas portal was to have the Guest Name referenced when transaction are routed or transferred; this is especially useful when reconciling house accounts for groups with multiple guests. To learn more about the modification to Transferred/Routed Transactions - CLICK HERE

Room Assignment Shortcut

Another one of the top voted items on the RoomKeyPMS ideas portal, is the ability to quickly assign Room Numbers to a reservation without having to change the reservation or to use the full Room Assignment Calendar under operations menu. To learn more about the Room Assignment Shortcut - CLICK HERE

City Ledger Balance Aged Balance Report

The Aged Balance Reports (Summary and Detail) in the City Ledger area have been updated.  Previously, payments were reflecting on the report, on the day the payment was made; in this release, the Payment will reflect in the Age Date of the Invoice. For more information on the modification to the Aged Balance Report - CLICK HERE

City Ledger Balance Aged Balance Report

Tweaks and Defects

  1. The Waitlist Permission attached to the Clerk has now been updated so that the agent can only view a Waitlist reservation but not confirm into a real booking
  2. When Guest Services were added using the right-click shortcut menu, the post payment total was not including the amount of these Guest Services
  3. The unbalanced folio report in some situations, was showing $0.00 balance folios, which was due to rounding issue (i.e. a balance of $0.002)
  4. Business Number field was increased to accommodate GST registration numbers
  5. For properties with CC Interface, when posting a payment to the previous day during Rollover time, the payment was posting to the current day; this has been changed so that interface postings will respect the previous day check box on the posting window
  6. Clerks were able to enter in 001 instead of 01 for CC Expiry and was causing an error in the Shift 4 Interface
  7. When inserting new GL Accounts on a Transaction Account, future dates can now be selected


Update - October 5, 2016

Tweaks and Defects

  1. On the Reports => Statistics => Daily Operating Report, the last two digits in the last column were being cut off
  2. On Invoices, when making more than one payment on one invoice, with the same payment credit on the account was displaying improperly on the Payment Tab on the Invoice.  For Example the Total charges would display as $100.00, the payment could display as $250.00 but the balance of the invoice was still displaying as $0.00.  Overall the Invoice was correct, with a balance of $0.00 but the display was incorrect
  3. In Groups, if a Tag Was assigned on the Contacts & Billing Info Tab and a clerk were to edit something on the tab (such as address or contact name), upon clicking post, the tag would revert back to the first Tag available in the list of tags

Updates to Heartland Payments Interface

  1. An error message was occurring when payments were above $1,000.00 due to the comma. Interface has been change to take on the comma when the amounts are communicated between RoomKey and Heartland
  2. Error message was being caused by the interface not being able to read "masked" credit cards.  This was due to a different change made in Version
  3. Error was occurring on certain transactions where the card was swiped when doing a refund, where it would show as a charge instead of a reversal

Update - November 16, 2016

Rate Tiering

For properties using version or older, we have disabled the feature that allows you to select which dependent Rate Plans you would like to update, when updating the Master Rate Plan.  For more information on this feature that was originally launched in Version - CLICK HERE:

Eres - Forgot Password

For guests that make reservations through eRes, a "Forgot Password" option has been added to the Guest Login portal should they return to "Modify/Cancel" a reservation:

Tweaks and Defects

  1. Reports => Forecasts => Occupancy and Revenue Forecast - Room Revenue associated to Group Block was recognizing the "Days Before" setting on the group; it is now releasing properly based on the cutoff date associated to the Group Arrival Date
  2. Operations => Wholesale => Reports => Block Space - the report was showing total block for all accounts on each individual account
  3. Operations => City Ledger => Reports => Aged Balance - transfers from other invoices that were at a different age date, were still showing in the different age column when transferred to a new invoice
  4. BI Reports => Statistics => by Source of Business - reservations made on the eRes Booking Engine were not being counted
  5. If Reservations were checked in after midnight but before 2:00 am, the status was not automatically changing to dirty at 2:00 am
  6. Eres was not properly respecting Maximum Length of Stay setting
  7. Payments => Credit card fields that used to be manual entry only now support swiped cards including: City Ledger – Multiple invoices, Adding additional cards, and Sundry sales


Updates to Heartland Payments Interface

  1. Voice/Forced Authorization code entry is now supported
  2. Improved processor response messaging
  3. Clerk is now prompted to swipe the credit card when card present is selected to ensure best processing rates
  4. Enhanced transaction logging

Update - December 5, 2016

Aged Balance Report Modification

When running the Aged Balance Reports is City Ledger, there is now an option to include Account Credits.  Go to Operations => City Ledger => Reports => Aged Balance Report => by default, the "Include Account Credits" check box will not be checked:

Aged Balance Report Modification

When the check box is checked, the report will have "Including Account Credits" at the top (when box is un-checked, will say "Not Including Account Credits".  On the Summary report, the Credit will appear as part of the total balance and will show in the appropriate age column based on the date the payment was posted:

On the Detail Report, the credit will show as it's own line and will include the payment type originally used when the credit was posted.  If several different credits exist, each will show based on their age date:

Tweaks and Defects

  1. For the Siteminder Interface, a field was added that identified the "Primary" guest on the reservation; this has been mapped to RoomKey so that this name will be used as the "Master" guest on the reservation
  2. When Reservations that were made from the GDS/IDS Interfaces, were modified to a Group Block, the rooms were not "picking" up properly with the group, thus effecting forecast reports
  3. GDS/IDS reservations flowing into RoomKey were not picking up the set Policy properly
  4. Issue for some properties on eRes in regards to the sort order on Rate Categories; issue has been resolved
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