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RoomKeyPMS - - September 1, 2021

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Other Enhancements/Updates

Charge on Payment during Check-Out =>When using "Check-Out" to check-out a guest and settle their bill there was a discrepancy between the payment amount posted in RoomKey vs. the payment amount processed by TranSafe (or any other Credit Card Interface).  *This issue has been fixed and the amount posted in RoomKey & the Credit Card Processor will now match.  As with the most recent Post Payment update, "Amount Including Charge on Payment" will appear on the Check-Out screen in red displaying the Folio Balance + Charge on Payment Amount.

Rm Type/Rate Descriptions not disappearing => when viewing Rm Type & Rate Descriptions by right clicking on the New Res screen, if a client were to double right click the Rm Type and/or Rate Description would appear but would not go away until you exited out of the screen.  *This issue has been fixed.

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