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RoomKeyPMS – – April 2016

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A description of the features, interfaces, integrations and defects for release

Update - April 8, 2016

Update - April 19, 2016

New Features and Improvements:

Attaching Tasks to City Ledger Invoices

Currently in the Message Center, users are able to attach and assign tasks to be performed on specified dates;  this same functionality has been added to Invoices in City Ledger.  To learn more about setting tasks on Invoices - CLICK HERE

Search by Email

RoomKey now has the ability to search Guest Profiles and reservations using email address.  For more information on the Searching by email feature - CLICK HERE

Restrict Reversals/Adjustments on Cash Type Payments

A new Clerk Permission is available, that will restrict the users ability to Reverse/Adjust/Post Negative to cash postings.  For more information on this new Cash Permission - CLICK HERE

Printing City Ledger Account/Invoice Notes

RoomKey now allows users to print out notes, based on a date range, that are attached to City Ledger Accounts and Invoices.  For more information of printing notes from City Ledger - CLICK HERE

RoomKey Reports

Abandonment Report - Regrets and Denials by Arrival Date

Currently RoomKey has the Reports => Abandonment Reasons => by Booking Date Report that shows the abandoned reservations that were being made on a particular day.  In this release, a brand new report looks at the abandoned reservations by arrival date, thus allowing the property to look at the effect the abandoned reservations had.  For more information on the Abandonment Reservations by Arrival Date Report - CLICK HERE

Group Revenue - by Sales Manager

Currently RoomKey allows properties to filter Corporate and Wholesales Accounts by an attached Sales Manager.  In this release, the functionality of attaching and filtering by Sales Manager has been added to the groups module.  To learn more about Sales Manager Reporting on Groups - CLICK HERE

BI Reports

Reservation Productivity Report Modification

There have been three modifications made to this report

  1. Ability to run the report for a date range instead of one day
  2. Same day reservations or Walkins were not previously displaying
  3. The Room Type of each reservation is now displayed on each line

For more information on the modifications made to the Reservation Productivity Report - CLICK HERE

Integrations and Interfaces

Shift4 i4Go Version 2

Migration to Shift4's i4Go Version 2 has been completed; this only effected customers using Shift 4 on eRes for collecting deposits.

Tweaks and Defects Fixes:

We have also fixed a number of defects in RoomKeyPMS including:

  1. New Clerk Permission, System Configuration => Clerks => Permissions => Reservation Management => 2130, Do not show Corporate/Wholesale/Group Address Auto-Fill
  2. There was an issue in Maintenance Module where a few properties were able to create a request with no room number attached
  3. When using Advance Search with Lockoff reservations, the room numbers on the reservation were not displaying properly
  4. The Property Dashboard => Future Reservations created was not displaying GDS/IDS Reservations made through interface
  5. The Daily Operating Report was incorrectly calculating MTD Totals
  6. When using the Reference field, when making a payment, the user entered reference was not displaying on folio as it was being overridden by the Payment type; display line will now show Payment type and any reference the user enters in
  7. When using the Rate Wizard, the Auto-log off feature would take effect when in the middle of work
  8. While accessing the Corporate Account shortcut from the reservation screen and adding a new account, inactive Corporate Accounts would then show up in the drop down, during the making of that particular reservation
  9. Certain Packages were allowing zero adults to be booked through eRes
  10. New Corporate Accounts being created were missing "create on" dates
  11. Display issue on Commissions on Fixed Amounts in Transaction Codes where the $ symbol was showing even when selecting %
  12. Removal of $ symbol from BI Reports
  13. When reservation is made with a Rate that has a cutoff, when within the cutoff time, the rate shows as "no rate" when changing a reservation.
  14. Issue for group reservations on eRes, where if the guest chose dates outside the group dates, the room looked available but would error out
  15. GDS Confirmation Number has been added to Report Wizard


Update - April 8th, 2016

  1. When posting a charge, the tax calculation was not displaying in the charge window, However, the taxes would indeed post to the folio; change was made to show the tax calculation, during the posting process
  2. When posting a payment that was equal to or greater than $1,000.00, the comma in the value was causing an issue
  3. When making a "Cash" Type or "Check/Debit Card" Type payment, the posting would show the Transaction Code but not the payment reference
  4. For properties that use the CRS module in RoomKey, the change to Cash Transaction Codes was causing the CRS Mode not to load

Update - April 19th, 2016

  1. On the Routing Tab when making a reservation or a Group, the "All" Transaction Codes can be selected again
  2. The deposit that included "1st Night Room Charge + Guest Service Charges" was not calculating the deposit to include Guest Services.
  3. On the Tape Chart, when clicking on 1 reservation to another, the Reg Card/Guest Folio/Confirmation printer, if clicked, would display the last guest , unless user clicked twice on second reservation
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