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RoomKeyPMS – – December 2015

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A description of the features, interfaces, integrations and defects for release

New Features and Improvements:

RoomKeyPMS Enhancements

Display Restricted Rate Plans

Properties will have the option to show any Rate Plans that have restrictions such as Length of Stay or Close to Arrival in place.  As a second level of the feature, the will be a permission to give users the ability to Override the restrictions on a reservation. To learn more about the Restriction Overriding Feature  - CLICK HERE


Mandatory Guest Services for eRes

For properties that have Mandatory Fees such as “Resort Fee” or “Service Charge”, these can now be added to eRes Online Booking Engine as a Mandatory Charge.  For more information on setting up Mandatory Guest Services - CLICK HERE

eRes Filter Modifications

For a better guest experience when making a booking on eRes Online Booking engine, we have made the filters for Rate Category and Room Type more obvious to the user when making a reservation.  For more information on the change to eRes Filters - CLICK HERE

Group Code Modification

When providing a Group Code for customers to book on eRes Online Booking engine, RoomKey currently assigns the Group Id that is attached to the group; a new field has been added called "Group Code" that will default to the Group ID when eRes Activated but the property can now change to a different online code.  To learn more about Online Group Code  - CLICK HERE

Booking Widget Improvement

For properties using the embedded eRes Booking Widget on their property Website, the workflow has been improved for guests using Coupon codes online  - CLICK HERE

Integrations and Interfaces

Bartech Minibar Fridge

We are happy to introduce a new Partner interface to Bartech Minibar Fridges; these fridges have automatic posting from items removed from the fridges in guest rooms. (To learn more about Barteck:  If you are interested in this interface please contact RoomKey sales to purchase the integration at [email protected].

Tweaks and Defects Fixes:

We have also fixed a number of defects in RoomKeyPMS including:

  1. In Sundry Sale, there was a intermittent issue with posting of taxes being off by $0.01, this issue has been resolved
  2. An issue on eRes when the user was making a booking for arriving in the current month and departing in the following month, the number of nights on the booking did not sync up with the departure date
  3. For properties using Shift 4, Credit Card receipts were printing out with AMEX even though the actual card was Master Card.
  4. Adding a “Pre” or “Post” night to a group was causing all room assignments in the Rooming list to become un-assigned
  5. If using the Rate Override feature on a group, adding a “Pre” or “Post” night to the group was causing the rates to revert back to the default rate on the rate plan instead of using the overridden rate for the group
  6. Policies that were attached directly to the Client Type was not displaying under the Rate & Cancellation section on Room Types on eRes.
  7. For properties using Siteminder Interface, the telephone field on the interface side  was increased to accommodate International phone numbers better
  8. A filtering issue in Travel Agent Commission worksheet has been addresses, filter effected was the “Auth” or “Unauth” filter
  9. We have made a change to our backend servers because of recent issues with eRes “going down” (there was 2 outages within a 2 week span, which was unexpected).  Since changes have been made, there have been no outages observed
  10. For properties using Siteminder, if using the Loyalty Program field on the property booking site, the Loyalty Program numbers will now flow from Siteminder into RoomKey

Future RoomKeyPMS Modification - Not in this Release

We have chosen to use this release announcement to discuss an upcoming change to the way Cut Off is handled for groups in RoomKey.  There are 2 areas of concern:

  1. Cut off is based on Block Date but should be based on Group Arrival Date
  2. When “Cutoff Days” is set to zero, remaining block should effectively be released on the day of Group Arrival

An separate announcement will be made at a future date when the “fixes” are ready to be applied; our goal with this message is to prepare properties for the change.  If you have any direct concerns with this change to the way that RoomKey handles cut off, please contact Shane MacPhail at [email protected]

For more information on these Future Changes - CLICK HERE

Hot Fix

  1. For properties with Canadian Properties that have EMV, Interac/Debit Cards will be posted as Payment instead of authorization
  2. For properties not using Display Restricted Rates, Closed out Rate Plans on existing reservations were showing in red, when the reservation was modified


Hot Fix

  1. For Shift 4 customers, fixed a bug in City Ledger, where the Shift 4 Authorization Window was displaying even when doing a Cash or Cheque/Check Transaction
  2. For Shift 4 EMV Clients processing Debit Cards, the address at the top of the receipt was not displaying properly


Hot Fix

  1. For properties using the RezGo Activity Management Interface, changes were made for the connectivity with RoomKey
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