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RoomKeyPMS – – May 2015

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A description of the features, interfaces, integrations and defects for release

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New Features and Improvements:

Tag Manager

The Tag Manager is the ability to “link” Corporate Accounts/Wholesale Accounts/Groups together, based on a common company or trait for the purposes of reporting.  The Tag will act as a filter on the statistical and forecast version of the “Occupancy and Revenue – Transient vs Group” Reports. To learn more about the Tag Manager – CLICK HERE

Tag Manager

Housekeeping Module

  • The Housekeeping Module has been updated with the ability to Multi Select a group of rooms for the purpose of assigning a Room Attendant.  To learn more about the update to the Housekeeping Module – CLICK HERE
  • There has also been a change to the Layout of the buttons within the Housekeeping Module so that the Actions are closer to the bottom of the screen, near the Post button.  This change was made due to the fact that the Post button typically completes the action.  To Learn more about the Housekeeping Module layout change – CLICK HERE

Wholesale Module

The Wholesaler Module has been updated with the ability to assign Sales Managers to the accounts. To learn more about the Sales Manager Filter enhancement made to the Wholesale Module – CLICK HERE

New Reports

Wholesale Statistics by Date Range
This new report was modeled after the existing Corporate Account and Travel Agent Account report in RoomKey.  The ability to assign and filter by attached Sales Managers has also been added to the Wholesale Module. To learn more about the Wholesale Statistics Report by Date Range – CLICK HERE

Wholesale Statistics Comparison
Like the date range report, this new report was modeled after the existing Corporate Account and Travel Agent Account report in RoomKey.  To learn more about the Wholesale Statistics Comparison Report – CLICK HERE


Report Modifications

Tag Filter added to the Occupancy and Revenue Actual – Transient vs Group Report – the filtering for this report is accomplished by using the newly designed Tag Manager, as mentioned above.  To learn more about the Tag Filter on the Occupancy and Revenue Statistics – Transient vs Group Report – CLICK HERE

Tag Filter added to the Occupancy and Revenue Forecast - Transient vs Group Report - the filtering for this report is accomplished by using the newly designed Tag Manager, as mentioned above.  To learn more about the Tag Filter on the Occupancy and Revenue Forecast - Transient vs Group Report - CLICK HERE

Market Segment Production Statistics and Forecast Reports - these reports will be removed from RoomKey in this release and replaced with an improved Total Revenue by Market Segmentation Report in BI (mentioned below).  The existing reports in RoomKey, gave daily Room Production and a total revenue for the Month; the new and improved report offered in BI, will include Rooms and Revenue per day and overall Monthly Rooms, Revenue, and ADR for each Market Segment.  The added bonus to putting in BI, is the better exporting functionality in both Excel and CSV formats.

CSV versions of the statistics and forecast “Occupancy and Revenue - Transient vs Group” Reports - the CSV can now be created at the time of running the report as well as “bug fixes” to how well the data is displayed in the report; the data is organized efficiently for any sorting or calculations the need to be performed in programs such as Excel.  For more information on how to save the Occupancy and Revenue - Transient vs Group” Reports as CSV - CLICK HERE

CSV of Availability Detail Report - similar to the CSV of the Occupancy and Revenue reports, the Availability Detail Forecast Reports can now save as a CSV at the time of creating the report and “bug fixes” to columns within the CSV have been corrected.  To learn more about how to save the Availability Detail as a CSV - CLICK HERE

CSV of the Inventory Calendar - currently in RoomKey, the Inventory Calendar under Operations menu can only be printed; the new release will allow for the Inventory Calendar’s data to be saved in CSV format for further manipulation by the user, in such programs as Excel. To learn more about the Inventory Calendar CSV - CLICK HERE

RoomKey Support Live Chat - We have updated and integrated a new live chat tool that will be available to all customers within RoomKey by selecting, “Help > RoomKey Smart Support”. We have sunset our prior chat module with this more robust tool to serve you better.

Business Insights Reports

Total Revenue by Market Segment - The Market Segment Report uses Market Segments that are attached to Rate Plans in Rate Wizard.  The data for the report comes from existing reservations and the Rate Plans that are attached to those Reservations.  For more information on the Total Revenue by Market Segment Report in BI - CLICK HERE

Interfaces & Integrations

PriceMatch Revenue Management System - Introducing a 2 way integration with Pricematch, a user friendly cloud-based revenue management system.  Our integration ensures all historical and current reservations flow up to Pricematch in real-time.  Hotels can also push the rate recommendations from Pricematch back to RoomKey in real-time. For more information contact the RoomKey sales team at [email protected].  

Orion Signature Pad - The ability to use Orion’s eSigner solution integrated with RoomKeyPMS to take your hotel paperless.  This integration allows for any PDF’s generated in RoomKey to be signed using an Orion digital signature device.  To integrate with Orion please contact RoomKey sales at [email protected].

Tweaks and Defects Fixes

We have also fixed a number of defects in RoomKey including:

  1. Last release, a new improved message for Updating Guest Profiles from the Reservation screen was introduced however, the new message only worked for existing reservations.  Changes have been made so that the new message will appear when creating new Reservations as well.
  2. There was a fix for the report found under Groups => Reports => Revenue Summary, the revenue reported for groups was reporting incorrectly if the date range was selected for an entire month.
  3. An error message has been fixed when going to Guest Profile => select an existing Guest Profile => go to the Stays tab => Print Folio for a past stay
  4. BAR Report in BI was not exporting to CSV; this has been corrected
  5. For interfaced reservations through iHotelier, cancellations were display no Clerk Name in the Activity Log when the cancellation was made directly in iHotelier; the Clerk Name will now display with Rsi Interface.
  6. For new properties that did Payment Postings prior to having Shift 4 setup, if the payment was then reversed, after Shift 4 was set up, the reversal would not process through Shift 4; for the fix, once Shift 4 is set up, all payment reversals will go through Shift 4, regardless of when it was originally posted.
  7. eRes Online Booking engine will be used by guests from many different countries and these countries can have varied date formats (ie. mm/dd/yy vs dd/mm/yy); to avoid this confusion, the date format will now be MMM DD, YYYY (ie. May 27, 2015)
  8. On the Corporate Statistics Report, the LOS (Length of Stay) number was displaying to 12 decimal places; because this number is an average, it has been changed to reflect to 2 decimal places
  9. On eRes Online Booking engine, under the Group Coordinator Login, if a group is longer than 14 days, the pick up report was not showing; the report will now display the first 14 days of the group and should the guest need more information, they will need to contact the property directly.
  10. If Permission “2012, Disallow Update Rate Amounts” was assigned to a clerk, the Channels in the Rate Wizard would grey out but the check boxes for Channels would be needed for setting other restrictions (ie. LOS and closing) as well; the graying out of these check boxes has been removed from Permission 2012.
  11. The CSV saving of the Corporate Statistics Report automatically is saving to the RoomKey folder; now when saving as CSV, a File Save box will appear so that the file location can be chosen by the user
  12. When using the “Show Rate on Inventory Calendar” option found on the System Configuration => Property => Preferences Tab, the drop down for Rate Plans on the Inventory Calendar, was not respecting the sort order set on Rate Category; the drop down will now be in the Sort Order defined by the property
  13. For Multi Properties, when switching between properties, the time showing in RoomKey would get “stuck” thus saving the wrong time in activity log for actions performed by agents; the RoomKey Time will now keep running, regardless of switching between properties.
  14. Under Reports => Financial => Folio Transactions, the line spacing has been changed from 2 to 1 to make the report more compact when printing.
  15. in BI, the Revenue reports were causing Time Out errors when running the report for a long period of time; we have changed the report parameters so that it can only be run for 2 months at a time.
  16. On the BI Pace Report, House Accounts were being included in the picked up numbers; House Account have now been removed from the report.
  17. When creating custom Reports in RoomKey, there is a Reports Folder that is currently saving to the last file location used by the agent; this folder will now be saved back to the RoomKey by RSI folder under Program Files
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