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RoomKeyPMS - - January 13, 2021

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Mobile Check-Out is Here!

Offering convenience for your guests and freeing up time for your front desk agents are the key benefits to this new feature; this also continue RoomKeyPMS's dedicated delivery of contact-less solutions:

Automated Checkout Notification to the guest

Delivery of emails can be automated so that the guest will receive the "You can now Checkout email" on the morning of departure and receive a copy of their "Mobile Check-Out Form" upon completion of the checkout:

Copy of the Mobile Check-Out Form can automatically be sent to the guest:

Mobile Check-In Identification

The identification feature allows the guest to take a picture of their ID and a selfie.  The Front Desk is then able to verify the guest identity through RoomKeyPMS, when it is time to issue keys; this feature eliminates the need for the front desk to handle the guest ID:

Dedicated Mobile Window

Because of the number of features that are now included in for the Mobile Guest Portal, Mobile has been moved out of System Configuration => Property into it's own dedicated Window:

Other Enhancements/Updates

  1. When accessing the TranSafe Portal for RoomKeyPMS Payments, the "Export to CSV" button was not activating the creation of the CSV
  2. When adding a Guest Service to a guest that was already in house for more than 1 day, the display of the price was showing incorrectly on the Guest Services tab; the price that was posting on the reservation was correct, just the display on the tab looked wrong
  3. When RoomKeyPMS was updated from Version 9 to Version 10, the multi-assigning of rooms to a housekeeper stopped working
  4. The ResID field was made bigger on the two reports as it was being cutoff for properties, that had larger ResId numbers:  Occupancy => Reservations- => By Res Date and Reservations => Reservations by Check In Date
  5. When Version 10 was released, the Disable Online Processing checkbox went missing from Sundry Sales
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