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Version - March 14, 2023

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RoomKeyPMS Mobile - Multiple Email/SMS Schedule

Enhancements have been made to Mobile Check-In Messaging to allow multiple Email/SMS  Text reminders to be sent to guests to encourage them to complete Mobile Check-In.  For more information on this new enhancement please view the following document:  How to Customize Mobile Check-In Email/SMS Schedules 

Other Enhancements/Updates

Rate Plan not appearing for Group Rooming List booking => an issue was reported where a Group Rate Plan was not displaying in the Rooming List when creating reservations even though one was attached to the Group.  A unique bug related to the attached Group Rate & the Group Dates was causing the Group Rate drop down to search for the incorrect date.  This bug has been fixed.

Credit Card Information not being saved on Share Profile => it was reported that when setting up a Guest Share Profile via the "Share" tab in RoomKey, that the Share's Credit Card Information was not being saved.  RoomKey does not have the capability to save Share Credit Card information so these fields have been removed from this area.  A feature request has been submitted via the AHA-Ideas Portal for future consideration.  

Sorting of Upselling Module columns => when selecting a column in the new Mobile Check-In Upselling Configuration Module, the data below will now sort accordingly.

RK-PMS Technologies Corp Certificate Update => the RK-PMS Technologies Corp Certificate associated with the RoomKey installer has been revalidated for 2023.  When downloading RoomKey you may encounter an "unrecognized app" message where you have to select "Run Anyway" in order to install RoomKey.  This version is safe and the message should disappear after the PC recognizes the Certificate as valid.

Essential Balancing Redlining => a larger property with several long term reservations reported the Essential Balancing Reports were timing out.  Optimizations have been made to the Essential Balancing Reports in order to improve speed to prevent redlining & timing out.

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