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RoomKeyPMS - - August 25, 2021

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Other Enhancements/Updates

Charge on Payment not being included in TranSafe Amount =>When posting a payment where a Charge on Payment was setup on the Credit Card Transaction Code, there was a discrepancy between the payment amount posted in RoomKey vs. the payment amount processed by TranSafe (or any other Credit Card Interface).  *This issue has been fixed and the amount posted in RoomKey & the Credit Card Processor will now match.  

NOTE:  Part of this update included displaying the "Amount Including Charge on Payment" on the Payments screen for Transaction Codes that have Charge on Payments setup.  So the client would enter the payment amount (NOT including the Charge on Payments) into the "Amount" field and then RoomKey would calculate the amount to be charged including Charge on Payment & display below in red.  The amount displaying in red would then be the amount charged via the Credit Card Interface.  This new display will ONLY appear for Transaction Codes that have "Charge on Payment" setup.

Untitled - Paint

The "Amount Including Charge on Payment" will appear for all clients using Charge on Payment - with or without a Credit Card Interface.  Previously when selecting Post Payment on a Guest Folio the "Amount" would include the Charge on Payment Amount as well - with this new update the "Amount" will reflect the balance owing on the Guest Folio and the "Amount Including Charge on Payment" will display the balance owing + the Charge on Payments amount.

RoomKeyPMS   Katie Ya Maties (Ver.

Display Restricted Rates to work on Packages => RoomKeyPMS has been updated so that Packages and Inclusions will now work with the Override Restricted Rates Feature, just like it currently works for regular Rate Plans:

The Restrictions are coming from the Rate Plan that is attached to the Package/Inclusion:

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