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RoomKeyPMS - - Oct 14, 2020

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Contactless Mobile Checkin

Name Change

"PreArrival" has been renamed Mobile Checkin as it is more representative of the feature and for the future direction of Mobile features.

Email Checkin Notification

Properties will now have the ability to schedule automatic emails, inviting the guest to use the Mobile Checkin.  For more information on Email Checkin Notifications - CLICK HERE

Payment Integration

On the Mobile Checkin, the guests will be able to securely enter their Credit Card Number which will give the property the ability to process it further at the Property Level.   As of this release, Payment Details can be collected on the following integrations:

  • RoomKeyPMS Payments
  • Heartland Payments
  • Shift4

Other Enhancements/Updates

  1. For properties that use the "Force Search" feature for Guest Profiles => when making a reservation, an error message "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" would sometimes appear => this has been resolved
  2. On the CC Reconciliation Report for RoomKeyPMS Payments, the Batch number was not saving for settled authorizations on checkout. thus making it look like the report had unmatched transactions
  3. Reports => Occupancy => Checked Out Report => some properties were experiencing an error message related to extended periods of zero occupancy
  4. For InHouse Reservations => the post to the previous day feature has been disabled, when a clerk tries to post a transaction prior to checkin date
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