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RoomKeyPMS API Version - May 2018

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New Rate Detail Endpoints

For properties/integrations looking for data more relevant to Revenue Management and not about Guest Profile Management, these new endpoints provide detailed information about the Rates on each reservation. There are five new endpoints that use a new collection ReservationRateDetail.

For more information on how Rates are presented in these new endpoints - CLICK HERE

Reservation Guest Profile Endpoints Modification

Number of Nights vs Number of Actual Nights

  • <NumberofActualNights> Number of actual nights guest stay at the hotel
  • <NumberofNights> Number of booked nights
  • As a side note, the <ArrivalDate> <DepartureDate> fields are both based on the dates that the guest actually stayed so the difference would equal the <NumberofActualNights>

There are two scenarios involving either early checkouts or overstayed reservations, which would cause the number of nights to differ.  For more information on these differences - CLICK HERE

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