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RoomKeyPMS - - March 3, 2021

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Mobile Check-Out Email Configuration

In the Mobile module, within the Check-In tab, select the Check-In Email tab

In the Email Settings tab, the following fields are now required:

  1. From Name
  2. Reply to Email
  3. Reply to Name
  4. Subject

Change to RoomKeyPMS Payments Authorization Procedure with EMV

When authorizing a credit card with an EMV terminal and the credit card does not have sufficient funds, RoomKeyPMS Payments (via TranSafe) would automatically process a partial authorization, then automatically void the authorization in RoomKeyPMS.

This process has been streamlined and now when authorizing a credit card that does not have sufficient funds, RoomKeyPMS Payments will DECLINE the authorization due to insufficient funds (NSF).

Group and Wholesaler Block Codes

In the Group and Wholesaler modules you will now see the Group Block Code and Wholesale Block Code, respectively.

Other Enhancements/Updates

  1. When a charge with a fixed-amount tax is adjusted, the fixed-amount tax will not be altered.
    • For Example, a $100 Room Charge with a $2/night Occupancy Fee equals $102/night total; if $25 is adjusted from the $100 Room Charge, the new total will be $75 + $2 = $77/night total.
  2. When a guest name includes a semi colon and that guest's reservation is assigned a room number, this will no longer cause an error message on the Tape Chart.
  3. For those properties selling Group Blocks and using Duetto RMS, Duetto will now accept rate amount changes that are made in the Groups module using the Override Attached Rates function.
  4. For properties using GDS Linking to connect and manage a large amount of 3rd-party rate plans, the Access Violation Error message has been resolved and will no longer appear when accessing System Configuration | GDS Linking | Rate Plans.
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