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RoomKeyPMS - - December 2016

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Tweaks and Defects

  1. On Checked Out and Canceled screen, the menu icons were disappearing from the top of the application
  2. If a reservation existed, that had a "Do Not Rent" guest attached, you could use "New Res Add-On" to create a new reservation for a "Do Not Rent" guest
  3. On Operations => Property Dashboard => if printing the Future Reservations created, the report was displaying the date based on RoomKey Server time in Pacific Time zone; now will display reflecting properties time zone (Please Note: this does not change the number of reservations made on the report, just the display date; especially for properties overseas)
  4. Issue existed on eRes where the Policy Text connected to Client Type Policy, was not displaying properly on the Rates page; however, the Policy Text was correct on the Guests page when they were committing to the reservation  

Update - December 20, 2016

Tweaks and Defects:

Issue with processing payments for Heartland customers only

Update - January 18, 2017

Restricted Rate Plans - Editing Reservations

For properties that use the Property Permission => Reservation Management => 2120, Display Restricted Rates, this feature allows the users to view Restricted Rate Plans; paired with this feature is the Clerk Permission => Reservation Management => 2121, Override Rate Restriction, which gives the Clerk permission to book a restricted Rate Plan. Originally this feature only worked when creating a reservation, in this update the feature will now apply when modifying dates on a reservation. For more information on Override Rate Restriction on Editing Reservations - CLICK HERE

New Default Setting

System Configuration => Property => Preferences => Aged Balance Report - Include Credits Default => this default effects the Aged Balance Report in City Ledger:

Tweaks and Defects

  1. On Operations => Groups => Reports => Group Summary Report, ADR and Total ADR Report Totals were summing the values in column instead of formula Total Room Revenue/Total Rooms
  2. On City Ledger Invoices, some of the display columns were re-sized so that they could be seen without scrolling (i.e. on the transferred tab); also, now able to expand invoice to full screen, this is especially useful when invoice has a high number of transferred transactions
  3. Menus in City Ledger have been updated (View Account Link Status, Create Invoice Template, Create Statement Template) so that passing the mouse over the menu item will not automatically open the form
  4. When switching between view screens, the function buttons at the top of the screen would sometimes disappear and require refreshing the page
  5. In extra cards field, when swiping a credit card, an extra slash (/) would sometimes be added 

Update - February 22, 2017

  1. On Advance Search, after Modifying a reservation, the modification was not properly refreshing in the results on the search window
  2. Operations=> Group=> Reports=> Group Room Control had a calculation error in some situations involving Days Before and Days After; clerk would have received an error message
  3. After editing a Guest Profile and then posting a charge afterward on the same reservation, the Transaction Codes would not load on the post charge box
  4. Operations Groups => Reports => Group Revenue Summary, report margins were cutting off some report data when printing
  5. On eRes, the modify rates button was causing an error message when guests were trying to modify their reservation
  6. Operations=> Groups=> Report=> Group Revenue Summary Report was incorrectly displaying Group Arrival Date as it was taking into account the "Days Before" setting
  7. For properties using CC Interfaces, should a clerk enter additional text in the reference field, it will flow through to the printed receipt
  8. For properties using CC Interfaces, there was an issue when trying to use the Credit Card for a Payment Post, immediately after completing a Walk-in

Update - March 22, 2017

Update to Telephone Services - Mitel Message Format

For properties that have a PBX that support Mitel Message Format, we have made some changes to better handle the following services:

  • Do Not Disturb
  • Turn on Message Light
  • Phone Call Restrictions
  • Guest Language Preference
  • Set Wake Up calls

Please confirm with your Phone Vendor if your Mitel Model handles these features before requesting to have these services activated in RoomKey PMS.  To have these services activated, please email [email protected] and identify which services you would like to use.  For more information on these Mitel Phone Services - CLICK HERE

Tweaks and Defects

  1. For properties using Heartland Payments interface, there was an issue on the receipts of some transactions, where it would default to the first CC Payment Type (i.e. Visa was used but would print as American Express)
  2. When using Advance Search, there was an issue if the clerk reviewed the Folio and then went back to search for a different reservation, RoomKey would "red line" and time out
  3. For properties using the Travel Tripper GDS Integration, there was an issue when loading the GDS Rate Linking Table
  4. In City Ledger, an issue was occurring with Invoices that would become "unbalanced"; issues occurred in situations where multiple charges were posted to the folio and several transfers were performed throughout the stay
  5. When inactivating a Clerk, the inactivated clerk was still showing on the "Departments" Tab under the Clerks Module
  6. On update, a fix we were implementing for Advance Search caused the Room Number (if assigned to a reservation) to not display; this has been fixed so that pre-assigned room numbers will now show

Update - May 15, 2017

Tweaks and Defects

  1. Under System Configuration => Property => Preferences => Business Number field has been increased to handle longer numbers; increase from 15 characters to 20
  2. Under System Configuration => Clerks => the "Delete" button has been removed => to remove an clerk, use the "Deactivate User" option; this will disable the clerk login credentials and remove option to select them in Message Centre.  On historical reports and Activity log, this de-activated clerk will be shown for "historical" reference
  3. For Properties using the Duetto Interface, two updates were made to improve the accuracy of PACE Reporting in Duetto: Reservation Details are now included in Cancellation Messages and Historical Pushes will now include Cancelled Reservations.  We are in the process of re-doing initial reservation push data for all Duetto properties and we are expecting completion by end of April.
  4. All states from Brazil have been added to drop down when making a reservation
  5. Changes have been made to the reservation form to optimize spacing:
  • The "Loyalty Number" label has been changed to "Loyalty"
  • The border surrounding email opt-in options and VIP has been removed

Update - June 21, 2017

RoomKeyPMS Desktop - Guest Merge Enhancements

There have been two improvements made to the Guest Merge functionality in regards to Guest Notes and Custom Fields.  Prior to this update, when Profiles were merged, only the Guest Notes and Custom Field values were kept on the "Master Guest".  In this update:

  1. Guest Notes from each profile will be saved to the new merged profile
  2. For the Custom Fields, any "blank" values would be ignored and the most recent entry from the Guest Profiles would be saved

For more information on the Guest Merge Enhancements - CLICK HERE

Tweaks and Defects

  1. For properties using the Duetto Interface, improvements were made to increase the efficiency and speed of processing Rate Update Messages
  2. On the API Endpoint for posting charges to RoomKeyPMS, the Check Number was not flowing through to the reference field, when posting to City Ledger
  3. Two changes have been made to increase the security around Passwords:
    • After 6 failed login attempts, the user login will be locked for a period of 60 minutes
    • User will not be able to use any of the 4 previous passwords
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