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RoomKeyPMS - - February 7, 2022

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Error when posting " " is not a floating point value" =>  this error would occur if you were attempting to post a payment and removed all the data from the "Amount" field.  A fix has been implemented so a clerk can now clear the "Amount" field and not encounter this error message.

Issue with City Ledger Invoice "Print All" => an issue was reported that when selecting "Print All" in the City Ledger Invoices Tab that the Print screen would reappear for every invoice that was attempting to print instead of just printing all at once.  A fix has been put in place so that if "Print All" is selected that all Invoices will print once "OK" has been selected once.

Create Key not appearing on Check-In screen for Comtrol Key Card users => clients who were using the RSIInterfaceComtrol Key Card Interface were not seeing the "Create Key" checkbox on the check-in screen, this issue has now been resolved.

New release update link no longer working, producing "404 - File or directory not found" error => Clients on older versions of RoomKey were unable to use the "New Release is available - Click Here to Update" red bar to update RoomKey, this issue has been resolved and the update bar should work for all future versions of RoomKey after this update is installed.

Some EMV transactions were not displaying proper CC Expiry Date => an issue was reported where in some instances, the Credit Card Expiry Date displaying for a Credit Card was incorrect.  This was due to a previous fix that required an Expiry Date be populated into the Interface screen as one is not produced by tokenized cards, the fix involved displaying the current month/year as the Expiry so the required fields were not empty.  A fix has been implement so that now the expiry is not required on that field but will display as **/** instead.

Title on some Smart File Backup Reports are blank => it was discovered that the first time you try to print a Smart Files Backup Report, that the title of that report was missing.  This occurred with the Arrivals, Departures, In-House & Reservations reports.  This has now been fixed and the Report Title will now always appear.

Duplicate City Ledger Accounts being created => it was reported that duplicate City Ledger Accounts were being created, where one account would have a shorter name then the other.  This was occurring when a City Ledger Account, with a name longer then 30 characters, was being attached to a Group.  The Group Module was truncating the name down to 30 characters and creating a 2nd account.  This issue has now been resolved and the Group Module no longer has a character limit restriction when attaching an existing City Ledger Account.

Error when posting " - is not a floating point value" =>  this error would occur if you were attempting to post a negative payment and removed all the data from the "Amount" field and entered a "-" first.  A fix has been implemented so a clerk can now clear the "Amount" field, enter a "-" before entering an actual number and not encounter this error message.

"1,000.00 is not a valid floating point value" => this error would occur if during Check-in you checked the "Override default credit" checkbox and entered "1000" into the Available Credit field.  This issue has been resolved.

Key Card Interface opening to incorrect Room # => it was discovered that if you unchecked the "Review this reservation" checkbox during the Check-In process and the client had a Key Card Interface, that the Key Card Interface would attempt to make a card for the next reservation in the Arrivals list instead of the reservation being checked in.  This issue has been resolved.

Amounts appearing as dots when viewing Confirmation on iPhone => when viewing an emailed RoomKey Confirmation on an iPhone, all amounts were display dots instead of numbers.  It was discovered that this was due to the Tahoma font not being supported by the iPhone.  Font on Default Confirmations has now been set to MS Sans Serif which is supported.  Anyone with a Custom Configuration using Tahoma will need to manually adjust their font.

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