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RoomKeyPMS API Version - February 2018

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Tweaks and Defects - Already Deployed to Production API Endpoints

Since our last API release we have made the following changes that have already been deployed to Production API:

  1. On the "group" endpoint, the AbsoluteCutOffDate should be based on the Cut off days from Group Arrival Date but was calculating incorrectly when a group allowed for "Days Before" on the group setup: GET hotels/{hotelId}/groups?key={key}&date={date}
  2. On the "guestprofile" endpoints, the Travel Agent Information was pulling data from the Corporate Module instead of the Travel Agent Module: Class of ReservationGuestProfile
  3. On the "guestprofile" endpoints, the MarketingCode was not pulling correctly and showing blank: Class of ReservationGuestProfile
  4. On the "guestprofile" endpoints, reservations that were made on iHotelier or Expedia Quick Connect Interfaces, were not displaying on the results: Class of ReservationGuestProfile
  5. On the "cancellation" endpoint, the Cancellation Date was not pulling properly, it was always displaying a time of 00:00:00: GET chains/{chainId}/reservations/cancellations?key={key}&fromDate={fromDate}&toDate={toDate}
  6. On the "rates" endpoint, the Date was not pulling the correctly, it was always displaying 0001-01-01T00:00:00 GET hotels/{hotelId}/rates?key={key}&fromDate={fromDate}&toDate={toDate}
  7. On the "reservation" endpoints, Waitlist reservations were appearing: Class of Reservation


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