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Version - Jan 11, 2023

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As of January 3, 2023 - Incremental Authorizations are now supported for American Express

  • This update does not require a download of version as it is a back end change
  • Supported in Reports => Online Processing => Incremental Authorizations
  • Improvement in workflow for checkout => if balance on Guest Folio is greater than Auth on AMEX => additional auth will automatically be added to the card and then processed in the Check-out

Other Enhancements/Updates

RoomKeyPMS Payments 2.0 Prepaid Credit Card bug => it was discovered that during Check-In, if a Client attempted to authorize a Prepaid Credit Card and then opted to turn the authorization into a payment, if a Partial Payment was approved, the full amount was displaying in RoomKey.  This issue has now been fixed and the correct partial payment amount will now display in RoomKey.

Selected Room Number on Tape Chart automatically changing => it was reported that when creating a Reservation via the Tape Chart, if you did not use the "Refresh" button after selecting your booking criteria (ie: Client Type) and instead just clicked on the Calendar tab as a way to refresh rates, the Room Number selected was defaulting to the first available Room Number for the selected Room Type.  This bug has been fixed.

Unicode Characters in Clerk Login Name => it was discovered that if a Clerk had one of the following Unicode Characters % & : \ ? @ in their Login Name, that the RoomKeyPMS Payments 2.0 Interface & associated Reports would not work.  A fix has been implemented to prevent these symbols from being used in future Login Names.  Existing Clerks will need to modify their Login Name and remove these characters should they wish to use this Interface.

Guest Services Daily Service Groupings  => the new Upgrade Room Charge Guest Service, for Clients using the Mobile Room Upgrade feature, was not displaying under Reports -> Guest Services -> Guest Services Daily -> Service Groupings drop down menu.  An update has been made and this Guest Service will now appear for selection.

Custom Report Dials => if a Client created a Custom Confirmation or a Custom Guest Folio, the "Custom" dial under System Configuration -> Property -> Customize Guest Reports, was not select and "System Default" was selected instead.  This issue has been fixed and the "Custom" dial will now be selected if a Custom Report was created.

Unable to change Room Charge Code on Group Reservation => when a Group is created it is assigned a Room Charge Code (ie: RCH).  When creating a reservation for this Group, if a different Room Charge Code (ie: RCHTE) was assigned, RoomKey would update the reservation correctly in the backend so the correct Room Charge would post, but visually, it appeared to stay on the original RCH Room Charge Code.  This has been fixed and the reservation will now correctly display the updated Room Charge Code.

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