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RoomKeyPMS API Version - December 2019

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New City Ledger Endpoint

Guest Endpoint Modification

Receipt Endpoint Modification

On the Receipt Endpoint Listed below, two new fields have been added:

  1. <folio_tran_number> - this is a unique numerical identifier for the transaction posted to the guest folio
  2. <rate_plan_MKTSeg> - this is the Market Segment of the Rate Plan

Other Enhancements/Updates

  • In previous versions of the API when posting to a City Ledger Account using the POS Room Charge endpoint ( ) postings would sometimes attach to a pre-existing invoice.  Daily Invoices are now created under the Cost Centre name.
  • Receipts Endpoint will now return a Transaction Time for each Transaction
  • Implemented a 30 second time delay to prevent duplicate postings when using the POS Room Charge Endpoint
  • The "Transaction" Endpoints have been renamed "Transactions for Reservations".  The fields within the endpoints have not changed, the title & description have simply been updated to better describe what is found within the endpoints.
  • Description for <VIPCode> has been updated from VIP Guest's Code to VIP Description
  • CreatedDate time now displaying correct time when searching for an individual Guest ID
  • CreatedDate time now display property local time as opposed to RoomKey local server time.
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