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RoomKeyPMS - - October 2014

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For Version 8.9 Build 0.1

New Features and Improvements:

Rate Override/Variance Functionality

It’s important to know why rates are being changed in RoomKey and who made those changes.  To help keep track of rates that have been overridden in RoomKey a new Rate Override/Variance Functionality has been created.  If a Clerk chooses to override a rate, they will now be required to select the reason for the override before they can proceed with the change.  A corresponding report displaying the Rate Override information can be found under Reports -> Audits -> Rate Override/Variance Report.  For more information on this new functionality & how to enter your custom Override Reasons into RoomKey - CLICK HERE.

Rate Override/Variance Functionality

Abandonment Feature

Knowing why guests are choosing not to stay at your property or why you are turning away their business is important to track.  The new Abandonment Feature allows you to track the reasons why reservations are not completed  (abandoned).  This feature is a property wide feature, once activated, it will apply to everyone using RoomKey at your property.  For this reason, should you wish to activate this feature, please contact RoomKey Support at [email protected] to have it activated for your property.  To learn more about this new feature - CLICK HERE

Group Rooming List Shares

To help save time when entering Group Reservations, reservation share names can now be added directly via the Group Wizard Rooming List Tab.

 Group Rooming List Shares

After you have entered the main name for the group reservation and have selecedt POST to create the reservation, you can then double click on the empty space under the Guest Share column to add the Guest Share information.

After you exit out of the Shares box  you will see the double headed icon appear under the Guest Share column to indicate that a Share name has been added to the reservation.

 Group Wizard Rates

In order to help make creating Groups faster & more efficient, the Rate Wizard can now be accessed directly from within the Group Wizard Rates Tab.

  Group Wizard Rates

You can choose to create a New Rate from this area or select a pre-existing Rate Plan to attach to your Group.  Rate Plans can now easily be attached using the new Groups tab found on Rate Wizard Rate Plans.

And to make the process even easier, you can now Override the rates on a selected Default Rate Plan for a specific Group.  You may choose to override the rate for the entire group dates, or just increase/decrease rates for Pre/Post Nights.  

To learn more about the new functionality of the Rates Tab in the Group Wizard:

  • CLICK HERE to view a Training Document on the new Rates Tab functionality OR
  • CLICK HERE to view a Training Video on the new Group Rates Video functionality OR
  • CLICK HERE to view the updated Group Module Training Document

Searching for a Room Number is now easier in the Maintenance Module. A Room Type called “All Room Types” will now be available and when this Room Type is selected, all Room Numbers available in Roomkey will appear in the Room Number drop down menu.  This change was implemented for staff who may not be familiar with which Room Numbers belong to specific Room Types.

Maintenance Module Room Type Search

Repeat Guest Identifier

Repeat guests always appreciate being recognized - for this reason, a new column has been added to RoomKey’s main screen that will help staff easily identify repeat guests.  Another bonus, if you double click on the Repeat Guest icon, it will open up the Guest Profile Module so you can quickly view information regarding the guests past stays.

Repeat Guest Identifier

Sundry Sales Reference Field

To allow for better tracking of miscellaneous items that are sold in the Sundry Sales, a Reference field has now been added to the Charges area of the Sundry Sales Module.

Sundry Sales Reference Field

This reference field will subsequently appear on the Daily Sales Report and Sundry Sales Receipts.

BI Insight Pace Report (BETA)

We are excited to announce that soon a Pace Report will be available to clients using BI Insight Reporting.  In order to ensure the report meets the needs of our clients, we are releasing this report first in a BETA mode.  This will allow us to gather feedback from all customers before certifying the report for a full production-ready release.  BETA means that you may find small bugs in this feature and we look forward to your feedback.  Please send any feedback or bugs you find to our Support Team by emailing [email protected]

The Pace Report can be accessed in BI Insight Reporting via the Pace tab -> Annually Growth Comparison Report.  To learn more about this new Pace Report - CLICK HERE

BI Insight Pace Report (BETA)

For those clients who currently do not use BI Insight Reporting but would like to learn more, please contact our Sales Team at [email protected].

Tweaks and Defects Fixes:

We have also fixed a number of defects in RoomKey including:

  1. Shift4 Credit Card Interface Print Receipt - Shift4 Receipt printing can now be disabled by unchecking the “Print Receipt” box when performing a settlement on the Shift4 Interface.  Once unchecked, the box will remain unchecked as a default setting.  If you wish to print a Shift4 receipt, the box simply needs to be checked before selecting POST for your approval.
  2. Housekeeping Module -  Defects created during last enhancement to Housekeeping Module have been addressed
  3. Tape Chart - After scrolling to the end of the Tape Chart, if “Next” was selected, the Tape Chart would go to the next month, but keep you at the end of the Tape Chart.  This issue has now been addressed and you will now be brought back to the beginning of the Tape Chart after selecting “Next”.
  4. Transaction Code Module - Defects created by recent Transaction Code Module enhancements have been resolved.
  5. Group Rooming List Notes - Defect where an individual guest note would copy to all guests in a Group using the “Copy to All Reservations” button in the Group Rooming List has been fixed.
  6. SSL for BI Insights - The SSL Certificate for BI Insights has now been updated.
  7. Clerk & All Clerk Details Report - Issue of longer Room Numbers being cut off on the Clerk & All Clerk Details Reports has now been resolved.
  8. Optimize GDS Database Resync - Speed of GDS Database Resync’s has been increased to optimize GDS performance.
  9. Revenue by Room Type Report - Report has been tweaked so that it no longer moves revenue from one Room Type to another when Room Revenue is transferred between rooms.
  10. Wholesaler Blocks - Error message no longer occurs when changing  a block from solid to transparent or vice versa.
  11. State Changing when Country of Nationality Selected - Defect where Province/State was reverting to Alabama/Alberta after a Country of Nationality was selected has been fixed.
  12. Shift4 Authorization - Issues with duplicate authorizations via the Shift4 Interface have now been resolved.
  13. Group Address on Guest Reservation - Defect where a Guests personal address was being overwritten by the Group address when a room number was assigned to a Reservation via the Group Wizard Rooming List has now been fixed.
  14. Currency Exchange Clarification - The terminology found on the Post Payment -> Currencies button has been updated to more clearly explain the required fields.

If you have any questions about these items please contact our support team at [email protected].

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