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RoomKeyPMS - - August 10, 2021

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Other Enhancements/Updates

  1. TFS #24990 - Group Default Room Charge - When creating a Group Reservation via New Res it was not selecting the correct Default Room Charge Code that was set on the Group.  *This issue has been fixed, the correct Room Charge Transaction Code will attach when creating a New Res for a Group.
  2. TFS #25460 - Wait List Scroll Bar - When using your mouse to scroll through the list of Wait List Reservations it appeared to be scrolling to a new reservation when in fact it was not.  *This issue has been fixed.
  3. TFS #25199 - Payment Reference Bug - When changing the Payment Type if you typed in the new Payment Type instead of using the drop down menu it would the Reference Field would update to new Transaction Code but the payment would post to the old Transaction Code.  *This issue has been fixed.
  4. TFS #25537 - Tape Chart Report Issue - Tape Chart Report was no longer displaying Guest Names.  *Report has been fixed and once again display Guest Names.
  5. TFS #25259 - Wholesaler Edit Mode Checkbox - When switching from a Wholesaler with 1 block date range to a Wholesaler with 2 or more block date ranges and then back again, the "Edit Mode" button on the Inventory Tab would disappear.  *This issue has been fixed, the "Edit Mode" button will no longer disappear in this scenario.
  6. TFS #25426 - Rate Override Issue - When extending a guest stay & overriding the Rate at the same time, the Rate would update on the Guest Folio & Reg Card but was not holding the update in the Calendar Tab of the reservation.  *This issue has been fixed and the correct Rate will now display when viewing the reservation Calendar Tab as well.
  7. TFS #25432 - Tape Chart Check-In Error -  If you used drag & drop on the Tape Chart to assign a new room number to a guest and then immediately selected the "Check-In" button afterwards and error would occur.  *This issue has now been fixed.
  8. TFS #25411 - Corporate Res Note Issue - When creating a new Corporate Reservation, if the Corporate Account had Reservation Notes the notes would appear under the Guest Info Tab.  If the Client Type was changed before the Reservation was completed, the Corporate Res Notes would remain and need to be manually deleted.  *This issue has been fixed and Corporate Reservation Notes will now automatically be removed if the Client Type of the Reservation is changed before the reservation is completed.
  9. TFS #25593 - GDS Conf # Search - Time Out error was occurring when trying to search for a GDS Confirmation # via Search -> Search.  *This issue has been fixed AND an enhancement has been made to allow for partial entry (beginning only) of a GDS Confirmation # in order to search in Search & Advance Search.
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