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RoomKeyPMS - - December 2014

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For Version 8.11 Build 0.1

New Features and Improvements:

Double Click on Reservations to Change

Less clicks equals more time - you will now have the ability to simply double click on a Reservation in order to open it up to make changes (as opposed to clicking on the Reservation and then selecting Change Res/Change Stay).  This feature is available via the In House, Arrivals, Departures, No Shows and Wait List View Screens.

Double Click on Reservations to Change

Reporting 30+ Days

You now have the ability to run the following reports for more than 30 days:

  • Reports -> Forecast -> Occupancy & Revenue Forecast
  • Reports -> Statistics -> Room Occupancy & Revenue
  • Reports -> Reservations -> Reservations by Check In Date

Ability to Copy & Paste Clerk Permissions

Save time when creating new Users in RoomKey by copying & pasting Clerk Permissions.  To learn how to use the Clerk Permission Copy & Paste feature - CLICK HERE

Property Statistics Report - Total ADR (GAAP)

To help accommodate for new 2015 GAAP Accounting Rules, Total ADR (GAAP) has been added the F1 - Property Dashboard and its corresponding Property Statistics Report (Report -> Statistics -> Property Status).  This new field will calculate the ADR for Room Revenue + Other Revenue.

City Ledger Statement Customization

Add a Logo or make small changes to the City Ledger Statement by creating a new City Ledger Statement Template.  To learn how to create a customized City Ledger Statement Template - CLICK HERE

Rate Wizard Updates

More user friendly messages have been added to the Rate Wizard, for example, a notification will now appear to confirm what you are updating on your Rate Plan before you actually update it.  To learn more about these updates CLICK HERE.  To view the updated Rate Wizard Module Training Document CLICK HERE.

Shift4 EMV Certification

To provide a more seamless experience and meet the regulatory requirements set forth by Visa and Mastercard in Canada and the USA (October 2015), RoomKey has completed EMV certification with Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET® solution.  For more information visit:

To complete your Shift4 EMV integration please contact our sales team in early January at [email protected] or 1-800-234-5695.

Tweaks and Defects Fixes:

We have also fixed a number of defects in RoomKey including:

  • Report Wizard Custom Fields - defect where Custom Fields were not appearing in the correct area when create a Report Wizard Report has now been addressed.
  • Report Wizard Additional Field - Country of Nationality is now an available field in the Report Wizard.
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