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RoomKeyPMS - - June 2016

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Credit Card Storage

PCI Compliance - Credit Card Storage and Security

RoomKey has made a commitment to keeping up to date with PCI Rules and Regulations so that our clients can feel secure with the storage of Credit Cards. We are currently hard at work, developing higher levels of encryption on storage of Credit Card information in designated Credit Card fields within RoomKey. There are however properties using note fields within RoomKey to store Credit Card numbers; these fields are not designed for encryption and only designated Credit Card fields should be used for Credit Card storage.

As of this release, should a clerk enter a Credit Card number in a notes field, the following message will appear:

“Due to PCI Compliance regulations, unencrypted credit card information cannot be entered into this field. Please remove Credit Card number from this entry and use available credit card fields which are encrypted for storing credit card details.”

On July 5th, 2016, RoomKey will start scanning note fields on all properties and Credit Card numbers will be replaced with “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”. PLEASE NOTE: Once the Card Number is replaced with X’s, this number can no longer be retrieved. We are allowing for this 2 week period so that properties can move credit cards to the proper Credit Card fields.

Effected Fields are as follows:

  1. Reservation Notes
  2. Guest Notes
  3. Attach Notes on Corporate Bookings
  4. Attach Notes on Group
  5. Add Note on the Rooming List Tab within Groups 

Force Search Auto-Fill

For properties that have the "Force Search" Permission enabled, a new feature will carry over the info entered into the search form, should that guest not be found in the system; this improvement makes it so the agent does not need to potentially ask for the spelling of the guest's name or email address twice.  For more information on the improvement made to the Force Search feature - CLICK HERE

Essential Balancing

Two areas of improvement will be made to this process; first improvement, will be the ability to review deposit information on past dates and second, there will be one report to capture all totals for comparison instead of five separate reports. To learn more about the new Essential Balancing feature - CLICK HERE

Tweaks and Defects

  1. On the Tape Chart, when clicking on reservation and clicking the Confirmation Button, the last reservation was still showing, thus forcing the user to click again on the new reservation
  2. If printing the Corporate Statistics Report and then opening System Configuration => Property tab, the following error message was appearing: "Field 'dblcbClerk' not found"
  3. When adding Guest Services through the shortcut, the charges were not being added to the total when clicking post payment
  4. On New Reservation screen, the display was respecting Group Cutoff based on arrival date whereas the "function" of booking the room was respecting cutoff based on "Nights Before" on a group block
  5. For properties using the CRS, closing Rates on one Room Type was effecting all Room Types
  6. On Reports => Financial => Folio Transactions => the Sub-total was switching the before tax and after tax amounts
  7. When modifying a reservation, if clerk was changing anything on the calendar screen and on the Guest Info screen, only the Calendar screen changes were being saved.
  8. On the Future Reservations drop down in the Property Dashboard, reservations with the same check in and check out date, were causing a calculation error to pop up
  9. In Corporate Area, when modifying a Corporate Account, RoomKey would jump back to the top of list if an error message popped up.
  10. When using New Res Add-on, clerks could copy a reservation with an expired Credit Card an would not receive a warning
  11. On the Corporate and Wholesale Statistics Reports, a Sub-Total line has been added to the CSV
  12. When overriding commission on the Travel Agent tab, the clerk can now enter 0%
  13. Rate Yielding not working on Inclusion Packages
  14. The Post Payment was not adding up to the balance on the Guest Folio in some cases where the Guest Services were added after the initial reservation was made
  15. Maximum days on the rooming list for a reservation was 99, has been increased to 365
  16. Error in Message Centre where properties could only see one page worth of Messages/Tasks

Update - June 29, 2016

  1. An issue existed where an overstayed reservation could overwrite an out of order status if room not checked out on proper date
  2. During Rollover time, when checking a one night reservation into the previous day, if room was preassigned for new day, it was not showing available
  3. On Reports => Statistics => Room Occupancy and Revenue, the sub-total on OOO Rooms was not calculating
  4. Access Violation was occurring in the Wholesale area
  5. RoomKey was crashing in Report Wizard, when clerk had the "Do not show CC Number" permission
  6. Essential Balancing Report was being cutoff
  7. In previous versions of RoomKey, if a Group had a Rate Plan that had restrictions (Close, Close to Arrival, Length of Stay, Number to Sell), entering reservations on the Rooming List would ignore these restrictions.  In the latest update, the Rooming List will respect restrictions set on Rate Plans and the following message will display:
Update - June 29, 2016

Update - July 13, 2016

  1. When a Package was available for certain days of a reservation, the package was not displaying as available in the Multi-Rate area
  2. Post Payment and Post Charge buttons were disappearing on the Tape Chart

Update - July 18, 2016

  1. Right Click Menu had disappeared from the Tape Chart
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